Friday, January 22, 2010


sooooo, i'm sitting here in BCIS. first period. BORED! what the heck to do now? welllllp, i can tell you about my terrrrrible day yesterday. woo. first offff, i had a boomin' headache! then when i got home my mom was like "sit down audrey, theres been some bad news..." & ofcourse i knew what was coming, someone died. but who? it was my Uncle Robin! first uncle dane dies like just a month ago & now ANOTHER one of my dad's brothers dies. we all knew dane was gonna die, but robin's heart attack was unexpected. & it gets even weirder....that morning of when it happened i was talking to my friends about him & everything & the night before i had sent him a friend request on facebook...(ashlee you did NOT kill him by laughing, just btw. hahaa) so yeah, another funeral. i feel so sorry for my Bebe cause at Dane's funeral she was like "i couldn't take seeing another one of my sons go before i do." & then this happens....ugh. im sad. welllll, next offf my boyfriend calls & i'm telling him about the bad news & then he's like i have some bad news too. he told me he has a stomach olser & he's most likely bleeding internally! :/ i realllllly hope its not too bad. he goes to the doctor today to get it checked out again. & he has to go through some seriously creepy procedures. hahaa. but yeaaaah. & then some other bad news happened but i dont really care to tell you about it. ha. sorry..wellll im gonna say goodbye now & hope that today is amazing! & it should be because Kaylee's coming in & me & ash have some serious plans dude. hahaha.

peaceeee nukkkkah.

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