Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolution!

1)2010 will be the besttttt year so far(:

2)i am going to work out on a regular basis.

3)i am going to cut waaay down on the sweets.

4)i am going to go to atleast FIVE concerts!

5)i am going to become a video game addict ;D

6)i am going to make Zack the happpiest guy alive//make this the best relationship ever. people will envy us like crazzzy!

7)i am going to become extremely flexible.

8)i am going to grow my hair out to underneath my tits.

9)i am going to get a tan this summer!


11)don't make things bigger than they are.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

you never cease to amaze me<3

i wish i could wake up to you every morning<3
you still love me even after seeing me with my rats nest of hair in the early a.m.
& you still love me after seeing me with zerooo make up on.
your alllll i've ever wanted.
i love love love spending time with you babe(:
i already cant wait to see you again!
i'm just so glad i got to spend lastnight with you, in your arms(;
& your right, we should've crashed on the couch instead of the floor. hahaha
i was freeeeziiingg & rollllin' around everywhere!
it was crazy!
i've never spoken in my sleep before, pictured a scary man watching me like that, or cracked up after dreaming a funny dream!
ohhhh, the wonderful memories i share with you :]!
i love you i love you i love you.<3
kiss kiss. hug hug. frenchy frenchy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

i'll take you as you are.

i neeeeeeeever stop thinking about you. your always on my mind.
i love how we arent scared to be idiots around eachother.
our fights are the weirdest. when im mad at you, i try to hint it to you & then you get mad & i get scared cause i dont wanna fight because most likely its a pointless argument that we wont end up breaking up over.
im NOT scared of you....but im definitely scared of loosing you.
not being with you would kill me.
i will ALWAYS put you first, no matter what. i pinky promise.
i would walk through the snow, the weather below 0, jut wearing a T shirt & shorts with two broken legs just to see you.
im crazy about you babe<3
i have fallen head over heals for you.

Doctor Seuss said this--you know your in love when reality is finally better than your dreams!

welll, i dream of you every night & i wanna be with you every second of the day.
thats how i know im head over heals for yaah (:

just like you said to me, were stuck with eachother<3
& you also said this "im never going to let you go."
i said "im gonna quote you on that."
& i believe that this promise will never be broken(:

i love you so much!

i was dreaming of a white Christmas!<3

i had a pretttty darn holly jolly Christmas! it seriously is the best time of the year(:
i got the flip video camera. YAAY! 100 buckaroos! itunes giftcard. the ugly truth :D jewelry.
a phone holder(Zack, you can say goodbye to dropping my phone now! hahaha).
&&& i think thats it? (: WOO! good good stufff.
every year we open presents differently. this year, it went from the youngest-oldest.
so i was second! haa.
Gavin got an axe from my aunt & uncle! mom about freaked.
Cindy tried to bribe dad for his big fat check!
Didi got a tool kit & Grandaddy got jealous.
he was like "oh, i think they meant to give that to me." hahaha.
then he got a mug that Didi was gonna trade him for but she couldnt cause it said grandfather on it. oh well!
then, Grandaddy hit me in the head with a ball of rapping paper! i still havent whooped him for that.
oh yeaaaah, & did i mention i ate an enormous breakfast this morning! YUMMMAY ;)
before i move on, let me go back in time to Christmas Eve.
that morning at about 7:30, Zack called me & told me there was snow outside!
sure nufffffff' it was like a freaking blizzard.
so i then drove over to his place so we could play in the snow together!
first, Zack made me bundle up in about a million layers!
i was wearing jeans, then two pairs of sweatpants.
two pairs of socks, two shirts, a sweatshirt, & then a BIG coat.
then rain boots & a tobogan!
i swear me & Zack are the sexiest eskimos everrrrrr!(; hahaha.
we walked down the street & Zack alll the sudden tackled this guy named Kyle.
he was like "snow fight!" & then he was like "sorry dude" after he was COVERED in snow. hahaha.
he walked away & Zack was like "where yaah goin?" & he said "home" Zack said "where were you?" & he said "everywhere".
hahahahahaha. i just thought it was hilarious!
Zack also kept saying "ITS LIKE FUCKING ALASKA OUT HERE!" hahahaha. ilovehimm<3
buttttt, Zack didnt get to go work with Ty cause i was at his casa, so im sorry bout that babe!
welll, i unfortunately had to leave:(
but i got to drive home in the snow! WOO. im an awesome driver(; hahaha.
then, we went to the Christmas Eve service, then came home & told the bird story & pigged out!
great niight.<3
woow. how great this weekend was :]!
but, tomorrow is Saturday & i get to finallly give Zack his present(& he has NO idea about what it is). ;D
& he gets to give me mine too ofcourse(:
i cant wait to see him<3 i wish i could see him alllll the time.
but i cant unfortunately ;( he now has a job which is a good & bad thing.
good cause he gets paid! but bad cause i dont get to talk to him as much or see him as much.
oh well, im not mad. hes gottta have a job! & hes a verrrrry hard workin' man :)!
&&&& next Friday is New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am waaay overexcited! hahaha :D
theeeen, my birthday on the 4th!
i hope it goes absolutely PERFECT! but it probly wont.
we go back to school that day....seriously mom, why couldnt you have popped me out earlier!
anyways, i wanna skip! but not by myself so i probly wont :/
& i wanna go to abilene, but i bet that wont happen either. idontknow.
my birthday always turns out suckish. haa. thats just my luck though.
wow, i feel like ive been typing forever so im going to cut this blog offff now :]

favorite boy.

i’ve always known you were the best,
the coolest boy i know. way more handsome than
all the rest, the star of my show.
there were so many times i wished you would be the one for me.
i never knew you’d actually be mine, its what you do to me.
your who I’m thinking of, boy you aint my runner up, no matter what your
always number one, My prized possesion, one and only
i adore you boy i want you. The one i can't
live without, that’s you, that’s you.
you’re my sweetie, my baby, the one that
make’s me crazy. Of all the boys I’ve ever
known, It’s you, it’s you.
my favorite, my favorite, my favorite, my
favorite boy, my favorite boy.
you take my breathe away, with every thing
you say. I just wanna be with you my baby,
my baby, i promise to play no games,
treat you no other way from what you deserve,
cause you’re the boy of my dreams.
my prize possession one and only, i adore you
boy i want you, the one i can’t live
without, that’s you, that’s you.
you’re my sweetie, my baby, the one that
makes me crazy of all the boys I’ve ever
known it’s you, it’s you, ohhhh
i want you ohhh it’s you, it’s you.
my favorite, my favorite, my favorite, my
favorite boy, my favorite boy.