Friday, December 25, 2009

i was dreaming of a white Christmas!<3

i had a pretttty darn holly jolly Christmas! it seriously is the best time of the year(:
i got the flip video camera. YAAY! 100 buckaroos! itunes giftcard. the ugly truth :D jewelry.
a phone holder(Zack, you can say goodbye to dropping my phone now! hahaha).
&&& i think thats it? (: WOO! good good stufff.
every year we open presents differently. this year, it went from the youngest-oldest.
so i was second! haa.
Gavin got an axe from my aunt & uncle! mom about freaked.
Cindy tried to bribe dad for his big fat check!
Didi got a tool kit & Grandaddy got jealous.
he was like "oh, i think they meant to give that to me." hahaha.
then he got a mug that Didi was gonna trade him for but she couldnt cause it said grandfather on it. oh well!
then, Grandaddy hit me in the head with a ball of rapping paper! i still havent whooped him for that.
oh yeaaaah, & did i mention i ate an enormous breakfast this morning! YUMMMAY ;)
before i move on, let me go back in time to Christmas Eve.
that morning at about 7:30, Zack called me & told me there was snow outside!
sure nufffffff' it was like a freaking blizzard.
so i then drove over to his place so we could play in the snow together!
first, Zack made me bundle up in about a million layers!
i was wearing jeans, then two pairs of sweatpants.
two pairs of socks, two shirts, a sweatshirt, & then a BIG coat.
then rain boots & a tobogan!
i swear me & Zack are the sexiest eskimos everrrrrr!(; hahaha.
we walked down the street & Zack alll the sudden tackled this guy named Kyle.
he was like "snow fight!" & then he was like "sorry dude" after he was COVERED in snow. hahaha.
he walked away & Zack was like "where yaah goin?" & he said "home" Zack said "where were you?" & he said "everywhere".
hahahahahaha. i just thought it was hilarious!
Zack also kept saying "ITS LIKE FUCKING ALASKA OUT HERE!" hahahaha. ilovehimm<3
buttttt, Zack didnt get to go work with Ty cause i was at his casa, so im sorry bout that babe!
welll, i unfortunately had to leave:(
but i got to drive home in the snow! WOO. im an awesome driver(; hahaha.
then, we went to the Christmas Eve service, then came home & told the bird story & pigged out!
great niight.<3
woow. how great this weekend was :]!
but, tomorrow is Saturday & i get to finallly give Zack his present(& he has NO idea about what it is). ;D
& he gets to give me mine too ofcourse(:
i cant wait to see him<3 i wish i could see him alllll the time.
but i cant unfortunately ;( he now has a job which is a good & bad thing.
good cause he gets paid! but bad cause i dont get to talk to him as much or see him as much.
oh well, im not mad. hes gottta have a job! & hes a verrrrry hard workin' man :)!
&&&& next Friday is New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am waaay overexcited! hahaha :D
theeeen, my birthday on the 4th!
i hope it goes absolutely PERFECT! but it probly wont.
we go back to school that day....seriously mom, why couldnt you have popped me out earlier!
anyways, i wanna skip! but not by myself so i probly wont :/
& i wanna go to abilene, but i bet that wont happen either. idontknow.
my birthday always turns out suckish. haa. thats just my luck though.
wow, i feel like ive been typing forever so im going to cut this blog offff now :]

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