Sunday, December 27, 2009

you never cease to amaze me<3

i wish i could wake up to you every morning<3
you still love me even after seeing me with my rats nest of hair in the early a.m.
& you still love me after seeing me with zerooo make up on.
your alllll i've ever wanted.
i love love love spending time with you babe(:
i already cant wait to see you again!
i'm just so glad i got to spend lastnight with you, in your arms(;
& your right, we should've crashed on the couch instead of the floor. hahaha
i was freeeeziiingg & rollllin' around everywhere!
it was crazy!
i've never spoken in my sleep before, pictured a scary man watching me like that, or cracked up after dreaming a funny dream!
ohhhh, the wonderful memories i share with you :]!
i love you i love you i love you.<3
kiss kiss. hug hug. frenchy frenchy.

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